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+++ Filmfest DresdenARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins a Golden Horseman for Best Fictional Short Film (National Competition)

+++ Skepto International Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Short Film

+++ International Short Film Festival Landshut: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins the DaHoam Award

+++ Brussels International Short Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the Next Generation Competition

+++ Stockholm Independent Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the Official Selection

+++ Alpinale Short Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is screening in competition

+++ Tampere Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? was screened in the International Program

+++ International Film Week Regensburg: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is in the German Competition

+++ Ankara International Film FestivalTurkish Premiere of ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? 

+++ Puzzle/ Bayerischer Rundfunk: A detailled TV report on ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER?

+++ Filmfest Dresden: TURTLE SHELLS is part of the Open Air Program

+++ Clermont-Ferrand/ La Brasserie du Court: an interview with director Tuna Kaptan on ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER?

+++ Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival: The world premiere of ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? 


+++ Residenztheater München: TURTLE SHELLS is part of an interdiscliplinary discussion

+++ Short Film Festival Cologne: TURTLE SHELLS wins the WDR AWARD













Poetic films with a social consiousness.




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