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A Turkish Village. A Kurdish woman is sentenced to six years house arrest. Her older son unwillingly becomes her prison guard. Torn between two authorities, his mother and the police, he is forced to confront his own boundaries.


FESTIVALS (Selection

Clermont-Ferrand ISFF

Tampere Film Festival

Filmweek Regensburg

Landshut SFF - DaHome award

Skepto IFF - Best Short Film

Filmfest Dresden - Best Short Fiction

Ankara IFF - Best Short Film

Brussels Short Film Festival

Stockholm IFF - Best Short Film

Bucharest SC CineFest - Best Short Film

Mediterranean Film Festival Split

FEST - New Directors New Films Festival

Cannes Edition German Films

DokuFest Prizren

Alpinale SFF - Best Short Film

Lessinia Film Festival

Festival Silhouette Paris

Fünf Seen Filmfestival

Nancy International Film Festival

First Steps Award - Winner

Encounters Bristol

Black Canvas Mexico

Show me Shorts

Festival Cine Madrid

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

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A rescue centre for reptiles in Munich becomes the intersection of a Syrian refugee turtle and a German sergeant - a film in the midst of glass terrariums about animals, mankind and war. 

The "Pam Movie Theatre" is not only the smallest in the lower Bavarian town Passau, but also the most peculiar. Clearly, it would have ceased to exist if not for this exceptional 81 year-old man.

Two young men smuggle Syrian refugees over the Turkish border to Greece. While Europe increases its border security the work of the two becomes more and more difficult.  

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Poetic films with a social consciousness.